Ahrefs cannot obtain data from website

Ahrefs is apparently blocked by cloudflare? I have read community answers but haven’t been able to find a walk through on how to correct this. Could you give me steps to unblock them please?

Above is a screenshot of the error message received from ahrefs.


Could you send a screenshot of the firewall logs in your dashboard?

Screenshot of log above. Let me know anything else you may need.


Try to filter by Ahrefs user agent. We can’t see anything useful here.

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Nothing here to see either but screenshot below

“Equals” probably won’t work. Try “contains”.

Here is the screenshot. Sorry for the delay

Can you click on that little > to expand the result? I do see that it’s blocked by a Managed Challenge, which might be a Bot Fight Mode.

Certainly. Here you go.

The Rule Name is quite ominous. Did you create that as a Firewall Rule? Because that’s what’s blocking it. It’s an ASN match.

I personally haven’t created any Firewall rules. Should I delete the rule? And if so, what affect will that have on others that are unwanted?

Are you saying there is a Firewall Rule in your dashboard?

Here is a screenshot of the rules. Of which I have created none. In all honesty, not sure who created them. Other than possibly one was created when we had an issue with a Cloudflare Ray ID

That’s the same screenshot from before (FIrewall Log)

oops wrong screenshot. Here is the correct one. My apologies!

Rule 4 is the one blocking the AhrefsBot request in your other screenshot. Disable Rule 4 and it should work.

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