Ahrefs bot is being blocked

Cloudflare is showing a 403 Forbidden error specifically to Ahrefs, which is a “good” bot.
Despite trying to create custom rules within the Web Application Firewall (WAF) to exempt Ahrefs requests from being blocked, the issue persists.

Even when the firewall is set to “SKIPPING” for Ahrefs requests, the 403 error continues to be returned, indicating that the blocking is happening elsewhere or due to another rule taking precedence.
If i look at the request in the security dashboard i can see it marked as “SKIP” which is odd as it still gets a 403. I have tried inserting the IP in the IP Access Rules but it doesn’t change anything

I have added the ahrefs bot as a custom rule and it is served a SKIP.
However it is still being blocked which seems odd?

I have found the Ray ID, but since it says SKIP i don’t know what to do:

Any insights or suggestions on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Could I ask you to check if there are any other rules that could be blocking Ahrefs requests ?

and could you share with us the 403 error page you are getting ? are you able to spot Cloudflare tag on it ?

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