Ahrefs blocked

Our SEO team wishes to use AhrefsBot to scan our site, however it’s being blocked. The message on the Ahrefs site is:

The HTTP server returned error 403: “Forbidden”. This request was likely filtered by server configuration.
This website is protected by the Cloudflare firewall

Our site is running on an Ionos server with Plesk control panel. I have checked the config of that and I have added all of the Ahrefs IP ranges and individual addresses to Cloudflare IP access tools. I have also added the IP ranges to the Firewall rules using the following expression:

(ip.src in {})

And still Ahrefs is being blocked. I’m struggling to see where - is this a Cloudflare issue or can I be confident that CF is correctly configured and I need to focus all my energies on Plesk?

Thanks for any advice.

I’ve narrowed this down to a modSecurity config issue, so Cloudflare is not to blame!

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Nice job @asteven - how did you figure this out?

For anyone else reading along, there are some things you can to do compare your server’s behaviour with & without Cloudflare - there’s a guide on how you can do this with cURL here:

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