Agressive ip won't stop coming back every three hours

I am not a tech guy that much. Since I would say 2, maybe 3 months, I have that IP hitting pages like cpcalendars.mydomain or mail.mydomain every three hours (7 hits each time on different url). The IP is blocked each time by Access rules: IP (I’m not sure if it’s bot fight mode that kicks in or a rule that I’ve added somewhere).
In any case, is there something else you would suggest me to do to get rid of this guy?
I am hosted on a shared hosting plan. The ASN of the IP in question, seems to point to my hosting provider.

Many thanks in advance, any advice will be of course greatly appreciated.

If the IP is being blocked by Cloudflare, it’s not reaching your origin server. However, have you asked Liquid Web about it? Hostnames such as are service subdomains of cPanel. I’d assume they’re using cPanel for the server that you’re on.

I will check with liquid web & my hosting provider. Meanwhile, thank you for reinsuring me. Among the 7 hits he / she tries there also my homepage - and I’m kind of worry he / she tries on my cpanel (say multiple try at cracking the pw).
I’ll do a follow up in a couple of days to let the board know how my contact with liquid web & and my provider went in that regard.


I’m not sure if it is correct to reply twice to the answer you’ve kindly provide me - so if it is off, please excuse.
Here’s for the records the reply I got from my hosting provider. Didn’t received anything from liquid web:
The IP address is the real IP address of your website and other subdomains in the list.

If you have configured any email client like Outlook*, the email client may try to connect to those subdomains for updated data.

I recommend to check with Cloudflare support as it is reported by Cloudflare and the IP address is the real IP address of the domain and it’s subdomains. »

  • I’m not using outlook or any app of the types,

Many thanks,
of course, advices and comments are appreciated. Best,

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