Agregar un DNS

Hola a todos. Por favor, una duda que no sé resolver…
¿hay algún motivo en concreto por el cual solamente sale bbdd cuando le estas indicando un nombre entero (ejemplo, en un CNAME ?

gracias por la ayuda is too long, so DNS only shows bbdd in the Dashboard, but keeps the whole thing in the zone file if you look at or in DNS Advanced settings:

Thank you very much. You are absolutely right, the full name is indeed registered although it is not shown. But now I am worried, because just that DNS is not propagating… look:

and that’s why… I’ve been without web… for 3 days.

If that CNAME is set to :orange: Proxied, then Cloudflare proxies it with an “A” record:

ok, thank you very much. I can tell it’s the first domain I’ve moved to Cloudflare. Thanks again.

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