Aggressive caching of admin

After switching to Cloudfare to manage my DNS, I’ve had a ton of issues with the admin in Wordress. Everything as simple as activating and deactivating plugins to adding CSS or making changes in my builder require a refresh between each process otherwise I get an error. If that doesn’t work, then I have to purge Cloudfare for it to show the changes. Turning on development mode does no good.

Also, I have to turn off my caching plugin WP Fastest Cache every time I perform any work, which I always did when working with Nimble (the builder plugin).

This has made the simplest of tasks drag on for hours to complete. It’s as if it’s caching my admin, which my caching plugin is set not to do.

Recently, I resized all of my images which took a week using an automated plugin. The week after, I used another tool to clean out 57,000 images in a variety of sizes that were not attached or in use. The point was to free up space, memory and dead weight, which I achieved. The process took 2 weeks!

I cannot identify any plugin or issue that could be causing these issues other than Cloudfare. My CPU and memory from my host are normal, there are no processes running using an exceptional amount of resources - it has to be coming from Cloudfare.

Maybe, I have something set up wrong or something needs to be turned off. Rocket Loader is off but I don’t know if anything else is causing this conflict. I’m at the end of my rope. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll try anything.

BRILLIANT! It appears to be “caching everything.” What should I change that to?

To be honest, I was following setup instructions when I moved the DNS over from Siteground. I don’t remember when that was put in or even if it was done automatically. No need to be snarky. I was just asking for assistance for something that’s been plaguing me for a long time.

Is this working now? As I look at your Page Rules, you have and * matches.

It looks like your site redirects to the non-www version, which a * won’t match. Your rules should only apply to

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I went ahead and deleted that rule and just kept the naked domain rule. Anyway, that really isn’t the issue nor the solution provided by the above person. In fact, the link provided for setting up caching and page rules was outdated and only pertained to WT3C caching plugin, which I don’t use.

I finally found the answer to the problem here: Disabling Cloudflare features on admin pages for content management systems like WordPress

This is where all the issues were coming from. I can’t think of any good rationale for Cloudfare to automatically cache the admin under any circumstance. This resulted in months of pure frustration.


Cloudflare’s default page rules work fine for WordPress installations. Certain page builders or other exotic wp-admin reconfigurations may be incompatible with the security and performance settings, but I’ve never had a cache problem unless I started messing with cache settings in Page Rules.

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