Aggregate Storage usese still counting after disable Cache Reserve

I turned off Cache Reserve because of high amount of charges. 4 dollar in just 700 write and 2000 read operation in last 12 days. (Storage used Only 40MB)

after turning off, the Aggregate storage uses still counting. It will charge $ me in future? Please response.

That price sounds about right. For $4.50, you get a million writes. For $0.36, you get a million reads. And storage is $0.015 per GB. At your rate of use, you should expect about a $5/month bill for Cache Reserve.

Aggregate storage is going to be divided by 30 days at the end of the month. As long as you have ~40MB in your cache reserve, your aggregate storage will grow by 40MB each day. As it is now, you’re at about 32MB daily average.

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