Aggregate Multiple Service Binding Responses

Hey guys, I’m hitting 2 internal service binded workers from a main worker and it does work but i’m trying to get rid of the following warning:

Your worker called response.clone(), but did not read the body of both clones. This is wasteful, as it forces the system to buffer the entire response body in memory, rather than streaming it through. This may cause your worker to be unexpectedly terminated for going over the memory limit. If you only meant to copy the response headers and metadata (e.g. in order to be able to modify them), use `new Response(response.body, response)` instead.

my worker looks like:

async function getGelocation(request, env) {
	const response = await env.GEOLOCATION.fetch(request)
	return response.json()

async function getUsers(request, env) {
	const response = await env.users.fetch(request)
	return response.json()

export default {
	async fetch(request, env, ctx) {
		const geo = await getGelocation(request.clone(), env)
		const users = await getUsers(request.clone(), env)

		return Response.json({ users: users, geo: geo, form: form })

and results do come back, i’ve only found this warning when running wrangler dev where I was using wrangler dev --local for the most part during the development of them. I’m trying to understand if I need to use a Promise.all() instead or what is the best practice to hit multiple internal workers, combine that data and then return from the worker that was hit by an url endpoint.