"aggate.gr" domain - DNS name record change - do not work...?


I am new in Cloudflare…

Yesterday I made a change in a name record (apgortsilas) in my domain (aggate.gr) but until now it points in the old IP ( and not in the new (

Do I have to do something else?
How can I debug this?

Thank you very much for your help and support :slight_smile:

We just had that very question yesterday

Please use the search :slight_smile:

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Dear @sandro,

Thank you for your kind reply and help

Somehow I missed this…

So, is the proxy address of Cloudflare
The change was not working… my site was pointing the old heroku provider…
This morning I did a reset to all cache in Cloudflare but I did not check again the website and only the ping… The ip was the same…

Anyway, now it works… I check again the website…

Thank you again

With my warmest regards to all of us

Yes, the 104 address is Cloudflare’s proxy. As long as your record is :orange: you will never resolve it to the actual address but to the proxy instead.


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