Again Error 526!

Hi there,
I am a journalist (I write and edit), I have no experience in technology matters!
I recently ordered an SSL from Cloudflare
After 3 months the site is down again!
Do I have to manually request a renewal every 3 months?
Will I keep living in this fear?
How can I please end this problem forever?
Is there an automatic renewal please?
I went to the site, I found links and explanations that I did not understand a single letter from, unfortunately!
Aren’t there for beginners like me quick solutions or direct links please?

Your server certificate most likely has expired and you will need to renew that. That’s not something Cloudflare is involved in.

What you can do is get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare, as those can have a validity period longer than three months. But still, whenever your server certificate expires you need to renew that.

Oh my God! how hard this job is for me
Thank you for your help, but I don’t understand unfortunately
Please see the attached screenshot , isn’t that what we’re talking about?
where do I start ?

That’s the proxy certificate, I was referring to your server certificate.

You best pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and talk to your host so that your server certificate gets renewed.

Alternatively you can check out aforementioned Origin certificate at Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

I paused Cloudflare
I followed the steps as per the link “screenshot”
Do you think this is enough? Now if Cloudflare is restarted and Full strict, does the site work?

Your site is not paused and you still have not fixed the certificate on your server. But you seem to have broken your encryption on Cloudflare. Did you change anything on Cloudflare?

You best contact your host about that.

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