After we made a server migration, if we turn on proxy, it points old server IP

I have a site on Cloudflare hosted in Nexcess, after an IP server migration, when I uncheck the proxy cloud icon, it works and points to my current site. However, when I click to proxy on the IP address points to my old site on my old server IP. How can I solve this?


The previous provider that you were using and pointing your DNS records too - do you happen to know if they were a Cloudflare for SaaS customer?

A way you can typically tell that is that you would have used a CNAME record to point to a hostname at your previous provider - you can query that hostname to see if it resolves to Cloudflare IPs.

If your previous provider was a Cloudflare for SaaS customer - they may have some configuration still in place for your domain that may be taking priority and needs to be removed and would recommend reaching out to them.

If it was not a SaaS provider, something else may be going on here - but difficult to say what that could be without looking at your specific configuration.

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