After using cloudflare why some of my user can't access my site

when i start using Cloudflare, Some of my chat user can’t access my site even in firewall i put there IP to allow them but still they can’t access my website. What i have to do?
My server side everything is fine i already check with them there is no blocking on my server side but only issue with cloudflare i don’t know where.
kindly help me to solve this issue am really thankful to you

What error do they see?

When they try to open my website its shown webpage not available

And some of them This Site can’t be reached

Does this occur when putting your site in Development mode?

no development mode is already off. but still they can’t Access

If they can not access when in Development mode (CloudFlare proxy is OFF) then the source of the problem is with your hosting company.

I already check with my hosting company 2 to three times they checked fully its not blocked by there side because my other website is working for them with same hosting company but the one they can’t access i use cloudflare DNS and everything so its block them some where, I check firewall before firewall block them but now i allow them but they still can’t access…

How i can contact with cloudflare support team? because they can check by themselves what’s the issue

If you set Cloudflare to Development Mode then Cloudflare is only handling DNS and will not block any traffic.

What page do they see and what error code is it?

If Cloudflare is “OFF” (Development Mode) then you should not get a Cloudflare error page but a standard server response error page.

when they open website they see
This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset


And when they open my other website(which don’t have cloudflare) they can access on same network and same browser

Remember, if you go into Development Mode you are no longer using CloudFlare’s cache

You can also pause CloudFlare entirely from the Overview (overview page, bottom right, under advanced actions) which means you will not be using the proxy at all and traffic will be going directly to your server.

If CloudFlare is paused and this error still occurs you need to get your host to look at your settings again.

Can you get one of your site visitors who is seeing this error to screencap it as it doesnt sound like a CloudFlare error response.

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