After using Cloudflare site is being down in some countries

I tried to install Cloudflare for two of my domains

After using Cloudflare site is being down in some countries. The site is taking hickups.

I have checked with DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Please let me know what should I do?

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Everything seems to be fine from where I checked. You may want to try from other sites just in case.

Yes, I know things are right now but sometimes it becomes hard to open sites in many countries. Site goes down randomly in different countries.

I’d setup monitors from different sites such as uptime monitor and If it’s Bluehost shared hosting, you should check your server logs because the origin is probably where the problems are.

Bluehost said problem is with Cloudflare not with their server.
When I stopped using Cloudflare everything is fine.
I did not get what is happening because Cloudflare is a known service.

I am using Cloudflare for this site -
When I check NS or A record can easily see site is down in 1 or 2 countries.
It does not happen everytime but happen time to time.

I think there would be a flood of posts here if that was happening.
Go in to your Bluehost control panel and look at your logs yourself. Don’t ask them, they usually says it’s your fault or someone elses to move on to the next call. does not point to Cloudflare in the first place, so I presume you are talking about

That domain does point to Cloudflare and also appears to be correctly configured and seems to load fine from these regions →

In which countries do you believe to have an issue and what is the error?

Thanks for your reply. I am not using Cloudflare on but eager to use. I will send you screenshot, it may be any country not any specific.

As you can see that server is down in Mexico.
It may be any country/city randomly.

It does happen from time to time at different locations.


That does not mean it is down. That only means that particular checkpoint has some troubles resolving the domain and that is most likely an issue on their side.

Please explain.

Their Mexican server cant resolve the nameservers. It is very unlikely that is a Cloudflare issue. If you want more details it would be best to contact that site and clarify why it fails for them in Mexico.

It does happen only when I use Cloudflare. All dns checker services shows same red X sign.

Do you have any actual reports from users not being able to access your site?

how can get this type of report?

From your users.

Ok, I will try to obtain and share with you. Thanks for kind support and time.

I just checked another site and it failed in Mexico as well. They have an issue with their Mexican checkpoint, thats it.

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I am using Cloudflare on techprevue. com. Let’s see what will happen after 24-48 hours.

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