After uploading video to cloud flare I want to download the same video but in different resolution (240) in my case

This is my upload video. I want to be able to download this video in 240 resolution with mp4 format. Or say any resolution that are available in streaming service. How can I do that?

Hello pranshu.gupta

To download a video in different resolution (240p in your case), you can use Cloudflare’s Downloads API to get the video’s MP4 URL in the desired resolution. However, please take note that currently, Cloudflare doesn’t support specifying video resolution during download.

This means you’ll be getting the video in its original resolution and you may have to convert it to 240p separately, using video editing software. Here’s the link to the Documentation for Downloads API: Download videos · Cloudflare Stream docs


You can use online video downloaders by providing the video URL and selecting your desired resolution and format. Alternatively, consider using a browser extension like Video DownloadHelper for a convenient in-browser solution.