After upgrade to Pro my website is showing 502 Error and there is no active support to immediate fix


After upgrading my account its start showing 502 error on my website, is this experience i could expect from Cloudflare

Upgrading from Free to Pro should not change anything about the website.

What is the domain? We can’t see your account here on the Community.

PS: have you opened a support ticket?

I am facing this issue very frequently and this is not right.

Today my website is again showing the web server is down, before shifting over Cloudfare i never faced this issue. So should i shift to another better website where find better support & services??

My website is down for a long time, And I created a Ticket last many hours but no response yet?

I am not sure what level of support you “expect” if it takes you almost a week to respond and even then you are not addressing the questions you were asked.

Lets start with the questions Matteo asked and additionally post your ticket number and when you opened that ticket.

Though, I can (almost) guarantee you already now that a 502 error will be something you need to fix yourself on server -> Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway

Hi Sandro,

thanks for your answer, I am not much technical that’s why chose Cloudfare to stay away from all stuff. ticket# 1635322

Cloudflare is a protection service against attacks; If your origin server is very slow to respond to them (which is what 502 errors usually mean) - there’s not much they can do… would you expect Cloudflare to serve your site even if it doesn’t exist anymore? (in fact, they do have such service, “Always On”, but that can only work for non-dynamic stuff, and most pages in the world are dynamic nowdays… which is also usually the cause for servers being slow: inefficient code, overloaded DBs, etc)

Hi Shimi,

Right now is facing 521 Error, not 502.

That’s even a worse situation - it means that your server is simply down and refusing connections. What could Cloudflare do if your origin is dead? What content would you expect them to serve?

Hi Shimi,

but other hosted website on same servers are running fine, if it is dead so all other hosted must be down. so here is the confusion.

If they all share the same IP and port as you say, it would indeed be strange that Cloudflare is not able to connect to your site but you’re able to connect to other sites on the same server…

Are you saying that if you try to telnet to that IP and port of your origin server, you’re successful, and not getting connection refused - at the same time Cloudflare is showing you a 521 error?

If that is the case, the only thing I can think of is that maybe your host is refusing connections from Cloudflare IPs, because of the volume of requests, which they mistakenly interpret as an attack on their servers (without Cloudflare, all your traffic will come from many different IPs in the world, but with Cloudflare, 100% of the traffic will come from a very small set of IPs owned by Cloudflare).

Hi Shimi,

Now things are quite clear but now guide me that what to do at my end to fix this issue

I cannot guess why your server is down; Or at least seems down. Those are questions that you need to ask whomever is hosting you. i.e. “Do you block IPs sending many connections?” and if the answer is positive, you can ask them “Can you whitelist my protection service’s IPs from your automated blocking?”

If the issue is not intentional from their side but just a server that crashes a lot… then… I don’t know… find a better host?

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