After two days still no images are resized, what setting did I miss

Two days ago i’ve signed up for image optimization through the paid option. But now after two days still no images are optimizes/resized.

When I do a speed check the system still advises to resize images. When I check the site incognito the images are still huge.

On the WP side i did install the CF plugin but image url’s are not changed, they point to the original image.


Please verify if there´s any error message first of all. If not:

1 - check format and limitations here:

2 -
Your images URLs need to insert some query strings in order for Image Resizing to work:

Please let me know if you need further help.


Hi morgadojosh,

We are using WordPress, is there a simple way to implement the image resize without custom coding?

We found a solution in the form of a plugin.