After transferring of domain, our website stopped working

Good day to you all!

I would like to ask for your assistance on our problem.

We transferred our domain to Godaddy and it was successful. However for the past few days, our website is down and you get a resolution error 1001.

We have been told our website is pointing to Cloudflare and that they need to help but we don’t have an account with cloudflare nor the domain funneled thru Cloudflare. Our previous web developers also mentioned that they hadn’t done it with Cloudflare.

Does anyone know what we need to do to get our website up and running again?

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If you would like more specific assistance, please provide sufficient detail for the Community to be able to help.

Here’s the additional details:

  1. Domain name - godaddy(dot)com

  2. Expected results = to have the website working and running after the transfer of domain. (From Google Workspace to Godaddy)
    Actual results = website crashed and showing error.

  3. I haven’t done anything but gather information and ask for help, as I am not a developer.

  4. Unable to post the screenshot but here’s the error:

Error 1001

DNS resolution error

  1. Error 1001 DNS resolution erPreformatted textror

  2. I am only a free plan user, so I haven’t been in touch with Cloudflare CS. We also don’t have an account with Cloudflare, as we didn’t use it on our website.

Your domain is definitely not What is your domain?

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It’s homworks . co

The domain is not using Cloudflare.

Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID: D8A9FECD553C7401E9288D1F1C7F02154-NSR
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2023-07-31T08:15:21Z
Creation Date: 2018-06-06T14:16:32Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2025-06-06T14:16:32Z
Registrar:, LLC
Name Server:
Name Server:
DNSSEC: unsigned
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You appear to have entered Cloudflare proxy IPs in your GoDaddy DNS.

% dig +short

Replace those IPs with the IPs of your GoDaddy webserver and you should see what you expect.


More specifically, someone seems to have used the IP addresses of when adding your domain to GoDaddy.            3600    IN      NS            3600    IN      NS
;; Received 95 bytes from 2001:dcd:2::14#53( in 28 ms            600     IN      A            600     IN      A
;; Received 127 bytes from in 28 ms
dig +short

As wrote, you should make sure that you replace all of your DNS records with the correct ones. Whoever was responsible for importing the domain to GoDaddy imported the wrong records.


Funny that. I accidentally typed the m and briefly posted a screenshot of that site before scuttling it after catching my typo.


I saw that, only reason I checked the records of that site :wink:


Thank you! I’ll try this and let you know what happens.

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Thank you for this. I’ll also keep this and let you know!

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Hi! I would like to ask if we still use Godaddy’s webserver IP even though we made our website with Google site?

No. You should follow Google’s directions in that case.

I see. but the issue is I cannot get the unique IP address of our website in google sites. Any ideas on how this is done?

Maybe this?

Thank you. I’ll try that one…But is it okay to remove these 2 in the DNS?

No consequences or whatsoever?

You need to remove those. They are the cause of your Error 1001.

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I’ll inform them about this. Thank you!

Removing the A record was really helpful. Thank you so much guys!

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