After Transfer My domain to Cloudflare, our emails stopped on hetzner

Hi there,
4 days ago we transferred our domain to Cloudflare. Now our DNS manager is active on Cloudflare. Every things is ok, But our mails stopped totally.
our mail server is on hetzner. How can I Reactive it?
Actually based on some recommandations, I redefine all email related DNS records from hetznet to Cloudflare. (Like SRV, CName, Txt and MX) But email doesnt work.
Please help me abput this.

Thank you

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Please review the items in the following Community #tutorial.

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Thank you. I just create a MX record and it solved my problem.
Name: @ Value: email server
But one thing remmains:
When I send email to Gmail, It return error to my inbox. I can get emails from Gmail but I can not send to it.

Would you believe that there is a Community #tutorial for that, too?

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Yes thank you
I create a DNS record for SPF (txt type) and it solved that issue.

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