After transfer domain to cloudflare, would you please display exipire date on dashboard?

For now, I only see a list of box with “domain name” and “statue” (like active).
I really need see “expire date” as well.

Also, if could sort by “domain name” / “status” / “expire date” will be awesome.


Shows up for me - if you just transferred the domain, it may just temporarily not show up.

Seems like this would require a fairly big change to the domain list page. Currently, the dashboard is centered around just the Cloudflare service, while the registrar product takes a back seat. Would be useful though.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I mean the domain list page. Not the dashboard for a single domain.

On the list page, I have 10 domains. I want to know the expire date for each one without clicking the domain one by one.