After the local IT resource left, we cannot access Cloudfare DNS nameservers

We are attempting to access Cloudfare DNS nameservers to update a clients DNS/A records.

The previous IT resource engaged Cloudfare as several employees have left, we do not have credentials. Attempting to reset the password(s) has failed.

For 5 days, Cloudflare Support has ignored this requested based on paying customers receive attention (which our client is).

Unfortunately this requires either a new account to which you move the domain to, or a ticket.

If you have ticket number I can escalate it.

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Your request (#2189114) has been updated. Reply to this email or click the link below:

We’ve created a new account under a known username/email (legacy user who left).

How do we transfer the DNS/nameserver registration to this account?

Is the domain using Cloudflare Registrar? I haven’t seen a domain name listed, so I can’t check.

A new account gets new name servers, so you’d have to go to your domain registrar and update the WHOIS records there to point to the new name servers.

It’s using DoDaddy.

It’s not an issue with recreating nameserver entries, we want to make sure that legacy DNS entries are not missed.

There is no record of what the client has.

In that case, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the escalation process to execute. It’s already in the queue, so hopefully you’ll hear back soon.

Thank you.

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