After switching to slow website loading

Switching from googles to, has led to very slow website loading. Ping seems to be fine but websites or any page just infinity loads. Was wondering why websites refuses to load and googles dns gives me no problem.

Ping statistics for
Minimum = 12ms, Maximum = 18ms, Average = 15ms

Ping statistics for
Minimum = 13ms, Maximum = 14ms, Average = 13ms

I’ve found to be lacking performance as well. I switched back to openDNS on one computer and my ISP on another.

Yeah ping seems to be alright. I reverted back to googles as that yielded the fastest results ie page opening.

These are two very different things. A ping to Cloudflare has nothing to do with the response times of individual websites.

Though it should not affect most sites, there might be a few sites which rely on ECS in the DNS lookup, which Cloudflare deliberately does not support at this point and hence they might send you to machine further away.

This issue has been well documented and I’d invite you to use the search if you want to know further details.

Okay I see, please do invite me because I am curious.

I was suggesting you use the search :slight_smile:

So, how can I still use and have the good performance that i use to have. I also checked and everything seems good