After switching nameservers to Cloudflare, DNS records are incorrect



I changed the nameservers on to and but it took the site offline with an Error 1016.

I checked the DNS records in our account that were imported when the domain was added and they match the current nameserver records. Cloudflares’ HTTP proxy is disabled.

However, when pinged we were seeing an IP of which I assume is a Cloudflare proxy IP address?

When running a command such as
the A records shown are completely different from the ones that we have set in our account.

For now, I have returned to the old nameservers but would still like to switch over.

Any ideas? My only one is that somebody else has a Cloudflare account with the same two nameservers as us and had it set up before hand.


Running the command you provided the results returned match the IP I’d expect to see. So i assume this was resolved?



Yes, this was resolved earlier today, I think there was an account on Cloudflare that was previously active and now it has been removed.

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