After start Universal SSL browsers don't show my cert COMODO Positive SSL Sectigo

I bought a certificate for my domain. I installed it on my shared hosting account. Today I created new account Cloudflare. I wanted to enable encrypted SSL traffic between my server (from shared hosting account my provider) and the Cloudflare servers. I can only use the SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare… Why can’t I add my certificate? SSL certificate management is paid! :frowning:

To use your own certificate on the Cloudflare edge requires a Business or Enterprise plan…

Otherwise Cloudflare will handle the certificates for you.

Your certificate is still required on your origin server to secure the connection between Cloudflare and your server. (Make sure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)”.

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This is what I’ve set: Full (strict). Does this mean that my certificate: “COMODO Positive SSL from Sectigo” is unnecessary? I’m new to cloudflare and now I don’t know that traffic is encrypted between the server (share) hosting and server cloudflare. Do I need to install the cloudflare “Origin server” certificate for traffic to be encrypted? Isn’t it worth buying certificates?

You need a certificate on your origin so the connection between Cloudflare and your server is encrypted and secure. But you don’t need to buy one for most use cases. You can use a Cloudflare origin certificate (that is only trusted by Cloudflare so must be used through the proxy) or get a free certificate from LetsEncrypt.

The only reason to pay for a certificate is if you need organisation or extended validation or some other advanced feature (usually for financial companies and similar) and that would also require a Business or Enterprise plan to deploy that certificate on the Cloudflare edge so it can be seen by users. There’s no point in using a paid certificate on the origin if using Universal SSL on Cloudflare.


Did I understand your message correctly:
If I’m not organization and hosting where I’ve services such as a blog/server password manager do I not need a paid certificate (let’s encrypt or server Origin are completely sufficient)?
Now that I’ve COMODO Positive SSL from Sectigo and using Universal SSL on Cloudflare, is the traffic not encrypted (between my server and the Cloudflare server)?

The traffic is encrypted. As I said above, between client and Cloudflare using the Universal SSL certificate, and between Cloudflare and your server by your Comodo SSL certificate.


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“Universal SSL certificate, and between Cloudflare and your server by your Comodo SSL certificate”. This cleared my doubts. Thank you for your help

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