After ssl activation domain is showing coming soon page

Please search for any existing topics relating to your subject before posting. I have set up my DNS records to point to my GoDaddy hosting IP (which have propagated globally - I have verified this when using: grey:)

Now, when I try to access my site using :orange: and/or https requests, I get the default GoDaddy coming soon page rather than my index.html. I have looked through my Cpanel! hosting and permanently deleted their default files and I can’t find any config file(s) that would route my site to the default page rather than my custom index.

When you set it to :grey:, does it work with HTTPS?

No same error ssl is activated it’s showing on the domain but i don’t know why coming soon page is there…

If it’s still broken when you’ve set it to :grey:, then it’s a hosting issue and you’ll have to contact GoDaddy.

Okay let me check and contact GoDaddy thanks for the help


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