After setup my foo.domain everytime I try to go to the site gives me a page where it says that my domain is for sell

I’m trying to setup a server with subdomain but when I link my foo.domain to gives me some page like the one on the image below.

The way I did that was with a CNAME and using this

And BTW I have a free plan, so I don’t know if is that

Those instructions are for Business and Enterprise level plans.

Why aren’t you using regular DNS here with an “A” record and an IP address? Or a CNAME that points to where your site is hosted?

I’m building a home-server where a nginx reverse-proxy handles the routing from a subdomain to a port, like the nextcloud is on port 9000 and when I type nextcloud.domain the nginx reverse proxy handles this. But I didn’t found how could I do this without a bussiness plan

I’m running a server where it has more than two softwares running on it but on different ports because of that I’m using a nginx reverse proxy where if I type foo.domain.tld, bar.domain.tld the NGINX catches that and do the routing to it’s ports.

I configured the NGINX but I don’t know how to configure that on the CF end. I tried to use the but I discovered that this is only for bussiness and enterprise plans and besides that I coudn’t find anything that can help me to setup the CNAME to send properly to the NGINX reverse-proxy.

So anyone could help how can I setup the CNAME on CF end?

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