After setting up for CDN my sub domains no longer work?



Hi all,

I have a site running ssl only on its original domain and have recently setup the CDN via Cloudflare. My problem is that I am running iFrame of virtual tours to clients via sub domains…these no longer work.

Can you please help me in getting these up and running again.





Your site appears to load fine. Where would these iframes be?


Thanks for taking a look, this one should be working


ok…I dont know why but they are now located at


You dont have a DNS record set up for

Also, keep in mind, you wont be able to use HTTPS on that host as Cloudflare does not support hosts at that level with their free certificates. You’d need to purchase a $10/month dedicated certificate.


Thanks Sandro, my cert on the main url is paid for. Why would everything change from to


What do you mean by paid? Did you purchase a $10 certificate from Cloudflare?

I am not sure what you mean by everything changed, but that probably depends on your server configuration and how it generate these links. Right now you dont have a DNS record for that host, so that cant resolve in the first place.


I am very new to this side of things, I purchased SSL for from the hosting provider before I started using the CDN.


A paid server wouldnt have been necessary, as you can also use either a free origin certificate from Cloudflare or a free one from LetsEncrypt.

If you want to use you’ll first need to create the record and if you want to use HTTPS as well you’ll also need to purchase aforementioned certificate from Cloudflare.


many thanks…I will have a go! :slight_smile:


One more question if thats ok?

How do I work out the IPv4 value?


It probably is the same value as the others you have specified.


You mean two-levels under the domain. This may be the fourth level, and may be be something else, depending on the assignment rules of the specific domain. In gTLDs it will usually be 4th. In many ccTLDs it will usually be 5th, and so forth. Even at the very case you were referencing, it’s the 5th-level… the 4th-level is in fact supported, and his cert does have this DNS name: * (his host does not point to Cloudflare but that’s a different issue…)