After setting up CF the website only works on Firefox

Dear community,

This is not my first site using Cloudflare but I get a problem that I didn’t see before.
Cloudflare notified me about a successfull setup about two hours ago. And in Firefox, everything works great.

But in Brave/Chrome and Safari (MacOS and iOS) I get errors like “server not found”, “DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE” or “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.

The url is “” if this helps.

Deleting cookies, flushing local DNS and restarting didn’t help.

Firefox I believe uses DoH with by default. Entirely possible your upstream DNS provider has the value(s) cached from previous hosts.

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Not that is somehow special looks like the A records has propagated elsewhere, but your upstream DNS provider may be caching null/ old values.

Thank your for the quick reply. So is this an issue that may resolve itself over time and which I don’t have control of anyway? I remember deleting one A record and another AAAA record shortly after setup in Cloudflare that came from the registrar but I didn’t see a reason to keep them.

Generally? Yes it should. Most major DNS providers have a page you can visit to purge DNS for a hostname or nameserver. But if your upstream doesn’t 48 hours-ish should resolve it.

Not that it really matters here, but typically once nameservers are changed I suggest to my customers they not touch the old nameserver config settings for 48-72 hours minimum. Depends on the value of the zone. All of mine are hobby domains so breaking things is part of the fun. But for a large enterprise customer they may leave an old nameserver online (and up to date) for weeks / months depending on their risk tolerance.


Allright. Luckily, the deadline for the website is on Sunday so I should be resolved until then. I will remember in the future to plan ample time for DNS change and to touch the settings only once.

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