After setting Cloudflare up, email is not working!

0- The Email Troubleshooting Tutorial by domjh isn’t understandable!
1- I changed the content of the only MX to
2- I couldn’t add an A Record.
3- Because a CNAME’s already exist (Error message in the bottom)
4- I’m using CPanel and don’t know how to update the spam module with my server hostname.
Here’s the picture of DNS management:

I appreciate it if practical instructions are provided without lecturing or philosophing!

Delete the CNAME for ‘mail’ in your Box #3 (the Edit > link leads to the Delete button)

Then you can add that “A” record with the IP address in your Box #2.

Box 2 is perfect. Do that.

Make sure all your mail clients are sending/receiving through the ‘mail’ hostname.

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