After removing a site CloudFlare nameservers still resolve old IP


I removed a site from my old account and added it in the new. On the old and new account a site had/has only one “A” record but with different IPs. The strange thing is that new nameservers are different but they resolve IP of a removed site (and accordingly “A” record) from an old account.

Why the old “A” record is still alive and why the new doesn’t apply?

P.S. My domain’s authoritative DNS server use correct nameservers.



I am not sure what you mean by old account, but can you post all domains in question, as well as the hostnames and what the issue is, along with what you’d expect.


Ok, here’s the story:

One day I registered an account [email protected], added the site and an “A” record which points to Then I decided to create another account [email protected] and move there. So I removed from [email protected] and added to the newly created account. Then I added an “A” record, which points to

Expected result: points to

Actual result: still points to


Alright, does it point within the DNS control panel to the 104 address or when you resolve it? The latter would have an easy explanation, you simply enabled Cloudflare’s proxying, in which case the address is always one of Cloudflare’s. HTTP requests will still be forwarded to your 195 address though (classic proxying).


And as always I’m missing the obvious thing :facepalm:

Thank you very much, sir!


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