After registering domain with cloudflare i have no ip address. is there a default one i can use?

what ip adress do i put into my dns settings? is there ones Cloudflare provides after registering domain with them?

You use the IP address assigned by your web hosting provider. Based on some of your other posts, it sounds like you might not have a site hosted anywhere right now, so there is no IP for you to use in a DNS record.

If you have email service somewhere, you might need to create some entries for that. An MX record to direct incoming mail would typically be the bare minimum.

If you are planning on using Cloudflare Pages with your domain, that is covered pretty thoroughly in the Cloudflare documentation.

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hey, thanks for the help. yes, i have a static website that is deployed from pages but i cant make it connect to my domain. ive tried everything i can find. i was thinking its because my domain doesnt have a or cname records.

what do i need to search to find how to connect my pages to my domain without it being a subdomain?

thanks for any help, really new to this stuff so i appreciate any help!

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Take a look at this section in the documentation that I previously shared.

Type	Name	         Content

thanks for sending! sorry i didnt catch that last time. i appreciate the help


i added the cname like shown and it says web server not connecting. i dont have a webserver. i just want to make my Cloudflare pages static website my primary domains website. so www.example .com would be what someone would type in and it would display the website.

Did you add the custom name in your Cloudflare Pages settings as well as creating the CNAME?

That part is what tells your pages instance that it should respond to requests for instead of just <YOUR_SITE>

Make sure there are no current A or CNAME records for the root domain ( and for www, then add both of those to the Pages project under Custom Domains. Create two entries there, one for and one for

someone else shared this with me and it seems to be working. i just wanted to say thank you and also update this thread for others who might find this conversation later on

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