After registering a NEW domain on Cloudflare, how to point it to my hosting server

I have a number of domains that I added to Cloudflare that are registered elsewhere (NOT with Cloudflare) and the process works well.

I registered a new domain on Cloudflare, which obviously automatically got setup with Cloudflare name servers.
My problem is that even after setting up the DNS, I cannot find a way to point this new domain to my hosting server.

How do I get a domain purchased on Cloudflare, with Cloudflare NS to point to my hosting server?

Hi @dev45,

You need to add the DNS records required by your host. The easiest way is if they allow an export of all the required records as a BIND file, which you can then import to Cloudflare.

Otherwise, you just add them in the dashboard.

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Thank you, I had left out the root A record … only thought to recheck it since your message basically stated that I was on the right path.

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