After rebooting the vps cloudflare is unable to connect website

Hello, i have restarted the vps and then Cloudflare returns em error to connect the host, but with IP from VPs, i connect without problem to root and so on. How can i fix this issue?

Possibly a firewall issue on your end, check for that.

Also, use the search here on the forum for the error message you get.

Thank you for answer, how can i check this? can i restart cloudflare too?

this is a dmoain

What did the search get you?

They transfer to article of Cloudflare but in this article i see only that i should contact my vps provider. But provider says, server is not down

Well, thats something you need to clarify with your provider. As the article said Cloudflare cannot connect, as as long as it cant your site wont work.

But the vps is really working, i connect to the root and log in in webmin. What can i do? deleting it from CL and make everything once again?

Just because the VPS is running does not mean the webserver is. You really need to check this on your server.

Bro i need the website to keep on, it is very important, can u somhow help me? How can i check it? i will give u a root parol and please help me

The forum here is not really intended for hiring. You might want to check out StackExchange might also have information.

if u know the issue u can fix it in seconds. But okey will hire the company to hire themself the group of programmers to help me to fix this biggest issue

thanks for the advice, i did not think about it

Hello everyone, please do not close the topic. The website is down, despite the server is on and i connect to the root and FTP also to webmin. I checked the server it is really on, i do not use a firewall. The provider says everything is on and i should check the Cloudflare
Please it is a fatal error for me, the website is since 3 hours down

I understood things were clear?

You need to talk to your host or to your system administrator, to get your machine working. This is not a Cloudflare issue.

It might be best to pause Cloudflare altogether and fix your server issues and only unpause it once everything is working.

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