After Purging Cache, My site load speed is slow

When I make changes to my WordPress site, the updates aren’t reflected in different browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Therefore, I turned to Cloudflare to purge the cache in order to solve this issue. However, even after purging the cache, some changes remain unupdated while some are. Overall, after purging, my site’s speed has decreased. Could you kindly assist me with this?

HI @corestrat

When you make updates to your website, you will often have browser cache keeping the old files until browser cache TTL expires, so purging cache in your Cloudflare account, do not solve the issue with old content in your browser.

When you have purged cache, all data centres will need to cache your files again, so this might be why you see your performance be a bot slower after a purge. When the files have been cached again, you should be back to normal.