After purchasing Advanced certificate, I don't see it added to my account

I purchased Advanced certificate, the transaction went through and I received an email confirmation from CloudFlare. However, I don’t see this certificate in my account. Previously I already purchased Advanced certificate for one of my other domains and it instantly was added to my account. But now, it has been an hour already and I still don’t see it.

Please help!

I know it counts as a subscription, so does that domain still show the “Order Advanced Certificate” button? Or instead will it just let you generate the certificate?

Thank you for trying to help! Yep. But if I try to place the order again, here is what I see 2021-09-13_13-40-49

Can anyone from CloudFlare staff answer how your damn system works??? You don’t want to provide support for the purchases we make neither no one can provide support in the community. What the heck we supposed to do??

I could reproduce on one of my accounts. I’m talking to Support, and will update here when I know more.


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I am having the same issue. Please help!

Thanks a lot Michael!

Purchased a $10 a month subscription for a custom Edge ssl certificate for my a domain. Nothing is showin up in the Domain SSL Dashboard.


Hi Michael,
I see that this issue has been resolved based on the status in that link you sent. However, I still don’t see my Advanced SSL in my account. Do I need to order it again and it will work?

This was resolved for me by CloudFlare’s support. Thank you!