After purchase how long will wait to see the domain in my dashboard

About two hours ago I bought a domain through my Cloudflare dashboard but there’s no indication that I have bought it. When I go to the ‘Manage Domains’ screen there’s nothing listed … I’m assuming that this is a list of domains which I have bought ? I haven’t previously bought a domain via CF so there should be only one listed here but there are zero.

Is it normal for there to be a multi-hour delay ?

On the ‘Manage Domains’ form if I enter nothing in the search field will I see nothing in the list of domains (because it’s a search) or will I see those domains belonging to me which match the search string (because it’s a filter) ?


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Usually it’ll appear instantly. There are times where logging out of the dashboard and back in causes a few things to refresh, so it is worth trying.

It is also possible that the purchase failed, did you get an email confirmation/invoice yet?

Thanks for your reply. I have tried logging out/in. I haven’t received any sort of email about the purchase so I guess it just failed. Pretty weird though because, obviously, I didn’t notice anything on the screen that would suggest it had failed.

I guess I’ll try to buy it again.

More generally do you know whether the screen in ‘Manage Domains’ will show all domains purchased by default ? Or do you have to use the text box to search for a domain ? Seems unlikely it would be the latter but when you’re going from zero to one domain it’s not very clear.

Thanks again.

Yup, I see all of my domains without doing a search. It loads dynamically a moment after the page itself.

When you are buying a new domain it should get added as a site in your main dashboard too (but obviously if this is a transfer rather than a complete new domain then the domain would already be there).

I recently had an upgrade fail silently due to a payment issue (replaced the card, or I forgot to unlock my card or similar), it looked successful but didn’t unlock the features, I noticed the rejection on my card and tried again. I think registrar transactions are more real-time but I’m actually not completely sure of the whole process on Cloudflare’s side.

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OK, thanks. I’ve just checked the CC and it doesn’t have a transaction (not 100% sure it would be visible after 15 hours but I guess so) . Anyway I will try again. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

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Out of interest, I just repeated the process and it worked, the domain is visible and I got an email.

I think if CF is serious about being a registrar they’re going to have to polish this process a bit .

I noticed :

  • phone number says it’s not mandatory, but it is (possibly only for some countries ?);
  • the “Billing Address” shown at the bottom of the screen still has the placeholder text in (eg “Address Line 1”, “City Name” etc) and
  • the disappearing domain registration in the first place

Anyway, appreciate that’s not your issue, thanks again for your help.

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+1 to that, they always have been instant for me. Sorry for the issue here @shearichard. I am not exactly sure of the timing on the first attempt at purchase, but it looks like the email on the account was not verified until the 10th.

I have seen all sorts of odd side-effects/not really helpful/none whatsoever error messages as a result of an unverified email. I suspect that is what happened here, but have marked your ticket so that my colleagues will see your feedback, they also have the ability to see detailed logs to see what was going on with the first purchase.

Hi Cloonan, thanks for you response and I can confirm that when it did go through the second time it was very quick … email received within 20 seconds.

BTW, that thing about email verification is a bit strange because I’ve just consulted my email and the only time I’ve received an email from CF wrt email verification was 9-Nov-2021 and there’s no sign of me having received one on the 10th of this month. I’ve no idea what all means but I just mention it for completeness.

Thanks again for your response, I appreciate it.

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It is definitely a discount registrar at the moment… But then, the price is right.

I have a few domains at Cloudflare’s registrar right now, and a couple that I would not transfer because I need features Cloudflare doesn’t offer.

All is well that ends well.

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