After my nameservers were updated successfully, my website is down for 2 days

I contacted Bluehost support and they gave me the solution. How do I make the change?

You will need the content of the A record (IP Address) from Bluehost, there are instructions on how to add it at Adding DNS Records.

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Here is the link for a solution that was provided to me by a fellow Cloudflare community member. I did it, but I got an error.

My website link is

I am sorry but this is not working still, I got error 81057.

you are right it is self explanatory but my website tells a different story.

Yes of course. Here is a screenshot of my DNS on Cloudflare.!


Sorry for the delay in replying, we are all volunteers here, and I just didn’t happen to be online then!

That seems to be a different Cloudflare account… Your domain points to Fiona and Ivan nameservers, but that account is Lorna and Tom.

Wait did Bluehost messed up with updating my name servers? Because I asked them to do it…

The account that you posted a screenshot of has the nameservers Tom and Lorna, however from the email you posted a screenshot of, it looks like the domain has been moved to a new account with Fiona and Ivan nameservers, which it is currently using.

You will need to either:

  • Change the nameservers back to tom and lorna and continue using the current account


  • Transfer all your DNS records and settings to the new account with fiona and ivan nameservers (you can export and import the DNS records to the new account if you want).

Sure I will choose the second option (please explain more), hopefully it is faster. You don’t need to update your name servers often right?

The first thing to do will be to transfer all the DNS records over.

You should log into the old account (the one you posted a screenshot earlier if the DNS records) and export the DNS records. Then log into the new one and import them. There is a guide on this:

Then make sure that all the settings are OK on the new account, for example, the SSL mode should ideally be set to Full (strict) and you should have a valid certificate on your server, or set it to Full if you only have a self-signed or expired certificate (not ideal).

Ok I understand what you are asking me to do but how do I log into the old account and new one? How do I know which is old and new? Sorry, I am new to Cloudflare and learning this.

I just decided to transfer to old server lol.
Too much stress.

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