After moving DNS to cloudflare my site loading time increase (almost 3x-5x slower site)

After i moved my DNS to cloud flare my site is taking too much time.
How can i fix it?
How can i revert it?
revert my website DNS setting back to my server owner.

I also noticed Gzip is not working as well.

What’s the domain?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Time to first byte varies widely, so the server may be rate limiting Cloudflare. After that, all the cached resources load extremely quickly.

So something is delaying Cloudflare’s initial connection with your server. It looks like the server is in, or near India, so those response times are faster. It doesn’t look like you have any caching plugins. That should help with faster page loading.

As for gzip, Cloudflare uses Brotli where possible, and I see that in the headers instead of gzip.

Thanks for the quick reply.

How can i improve it?
server may be rate limiting Cloud flare?
As i can see the waiting time is too much.

Brotli but not applied on all contents like on main page HTML

It’s showing for me:

Thanks for the reply.

but still it taking too much time.

|Waiting (TTFB)|​|4.38 s|

Even main html page take 5 sec to load. (Even we don;t use any query)
I’m from India but picking sever location LHR that’s too far.

What do you suggest?
Should i have to revert it back to server DNS?
Or any another solution?

Cache plugin will help little bit but will not show drastic result.

Routing through London will certainly add to the time. That’s an ISP issue. Unfortunately, Cloudflare can’t do anything else to to improve your site speed, except for paid features such as Argo (faster routing) or a paid plan (higher priority in local datacenters).

What was your goal in adding your site to Cloudflare?

  1. less requests to server.
  2. improve little bit speed.

sorry one more issue i’m facing is file uploading and downloading (FTP). which i never face before.

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