After joining Cloudflare my Vercel application does not work

Hello all,

I had a fully working domain with the DNS config on namecheap and it was deployed on Vercel (certificate deployed by them as well). Now I have joined Cloudflare and I get the error:

The page isn’t redirecting properly

An error occurred during a connection to

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

What is it going on? I do not understand well. My DNS looks like this:

type: A name: content: server ip proxied TTL auto
type: CAA name: content: 0 issue  DNS only TTL auto
type CNAME name: www content: proxied TTL auto

Thank you in advance and regards

Possibly this might help

Thank you! Indeed that helped, I had to enable SSL full strict because Vercel does not allow to disable HTTPS

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