After integrating Cloudflare account with Ezoic, what ways to unlink it now?

Hello everyone!
I recently integrated with Ezoic via my Cloudflare account and it’s been fine, until now.

I’m no more using their services and would like to remove any integration with my site via Cloudflare from their end cut off.

I’ve tried looking for ways to do via Account>Sites on my Cloudflare dashboard, but there doesn’t seem to be a way so far for me.
I received the mail attached when I integrated to check out Cloudflare support so I made sure to do that now.

This is the site I need help with:


If you integrated it at Ezoic, you’d have to un-integrate it there.

I also suggest you change your Global API key here:

Thank you very much for the direction.

I have seen the place to un-integrate Ezoic from my Cloudflare account, right this evening in my Ezoic dashboard.
I’ve done it now, successfully.

Thank you.

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