After i using cloudflare my webmail not working

i attached image see like this error getting for me ?? how to reslove it , i am new to Cloudflare after i install ssl my webmail not working

my webmail and cpanel not accessing after install Cloudflare . how to reslove it ?

no one helping my issue please any one respond to me

Opening four threads and constantly bumping your thread wont put people in the mood to help you either.

You would need to sign up for an Enterprise plan if you need guaranteed response times.


sir, has i am unable to access my site so i mention it as help me , still now i not recevied any kind of help from users i rasies the request . kindly apology me and help me out from my issue

You posted your question less than two hours ago. A bit of patience might be in order.

sure…but unfortunately i closed my post, how can i get it in live suggest me

Which posting? We are here in this very first posting, where all the other threads have been merged into.

Anyhow, please show some patience, someone will come to your help sooner or later.

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Now a suitable period of “cooling off” time has been allowed! And @sandro has merged all these threads back together :smile:

It appears that you are trying to access the cPanel through your domain, does your host not allow you to access it on a different URL? Most do…

It would appear that your host does not allow/support HTTPS access to that page (which it should, hence my question about accessing it on a different URL). If you really can’t, you would have to disable HTTPS on that page (e.g. with a page rule).

Alternatively, contact them and ask why it can’t be accessed over HTTPS.


i am new to reseller and i have account on it …site is working but automatically logout from cpanel and webmail how can i access it

Are we seriously starting with the double posting again?


I have just started flagging it @sandro, The more irritated I get, the less inclined I am to help.

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Is your domain?

Judging from other posts, you’ve set up a reseller account. I strongly suggest you just use regular hosting until you’re ready to set up hosting services. With standard hosting, it’s much easier to properly configure Cloudflare for your domain.

1 Like and both are my domains , in that i purchase from my reseller pack with and from them i taken unlimited hosting pack also , from that hosting pack i hosted that above two sites .
and this domain i purchase from and hosted throught my reseller hosting pack.

HI @satishpurna, I’m sorry you’re having issues. Note that this community of Cloudflare users help other Cloudflare users on their own time as a community service. To reach Cloudflare Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

WRT, that zone was deleted from your account today.

$ dig ns +short

Here is the history for name servers for that zone,

$ dig ns +short

Here is the history for that zone,

I can see you’re signed up through a partner on a full setup, can you share a link to the set up directions that you are following? I am a bit confused by your steps, configuration, and posts.

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hw to configure it ?

I posted the URL’s to your cPanel in several different threads yesterday but it doesn’t seem to be the anymore and seems to have the wrong certificate.
However, works for cPanel and for WHM but not sure if that’s your domain.

You might want to visit whm and cpanel forums if reselling, to better familiarize yourself with their products and security too…

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Hello…i delete my site from coludflare and i change to my offical severs 2days back ? if any one of u will guide me means again i wil install Cloudflare in my cpanel ! my major problem or issue is after i installing Cloudflare in my cpanel , my webmail and cpanel not opening or automatically login out.

hi cloonan its my domain only …due to lack of knowlage in installing Cloudflare from my cpanel i rewrited my namesevers to pervious NS and i deteled CF ? due to my webmail and cpanel not opening and getting automatically logout from them …if any one of u guide means i wil install it again .

hello recelinteractive please help me on this topic still i not reslove this issue…please tell me the process or mail me …redacted…