After I uploaded my EV SSL website went down

I have business plan (update 10m before), I uploaded by instuctions but the website went down.
The website is still showing “pending” for nameservers and my account shows in cpanel as free.

Maybe I need to wait these to get updated?

Domain? In your case contacting support might be the best course of action, with a business plan you should get a response reasonably fast.

thank you for your answer,
but i cant find anywhere their contact form or something.

Can you help me where can i find it?

thank you , it seems they are on holiday :smiley:
So maybe i just have to pray at least website not drop

Not sure, paid plans should still receive support I presume.

We can also have a look here. Whats the domain?

I went to the link but even from my account have the same menu.
my website is
It seems is not cached yet and but nameservers just became active.
I have the cpanel plugin and it seems everything until now went smooth.

What I worry is that after caching the page will shown as not secure.

I am very new with Cloudflare sorry if my questions are a bit nonsense

Your site seems to be properly configured and loading fine. Only thing is the certificate is not a custom one (as I understood from your initial message) but a standard universal Cloudflare one. That doesnt make much difference in the end, but it still is not the EV certificate you probably purchased from somewhere.

On a related note, EV certificates are going to lose their importance as they wont be displayed as prominently as they used to be any longer. I think Chrome is doing that first, but I assume Firefix will follow shortly. So, free certificates are just fine.

may I ask you, analytics still showing 0 everything, is that because is nothing cached yet or need wait?

Analytics should also show uncached requests. I dont think that is realtime, so I’d wait, but I am not doing too much with Analytics to be honest, so someone else might have a more detailed/accurate answer :slight_smile:

thank you for your help sandro!
i wish you have a nice day

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