After HTTPS, getting random 524 errors!

My site is which is behind Cloudflare. Earlier it was behind flexible https setting and it was working fine. Now I have switched to full https setting by configuring Cloudflare origin certificates on the server (ubuntu + nginx).

Now it give error 524 on and off. I have check by connecting directly to my server and it works fine.
Also if I refresh the page several times, it works fine.

I have updated the nginx logs to add response time and all of them are in milli seconds ( not even reaching 1 second). So not sure why timeout.

I further check each and every request and noticed that some of the request which give 524 error is not even on the nginx logs. So where are the requests getting lost? Can anyone help with this.

Let me know if you need more information.

I have check kern.log and syslog also to ensure if the requests are not blocked.

How long ago did you switch to Full SSL? Sometimes it just takes time for everything to propagate. And here’s a Support article on 524 errors:

Thanks for the reply. I have seen that document. It is been more than a week, when I have made the implementation.

It sounds like you have carefully checked the logs. If you can get a 524 error yourself, see if you can check the header for the CF-Ray information and send that to Support here. Sometimes that helps them track down intermittent errors.

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Here are some of the CF-RAY

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