After formatting the PC, CloudFlare keeps suspecting me

After I formatted my computer, sites using Cloudflare started checking me constantly.

First, I was using Chrome and it became extremely difficult or impossible for me to access sites using Cloudflare. When I switched to the Brave browser, this time only the Cloudflare confirmation screen appeared with each login and after automatic confirmation, it allowed me to enter the site. This is ridiculous, how do I get out of this? This problem never existed before the format.

Some ideas you can try:

1/ Clear the browser cache, history, and cookies, then restart your browser and try again.
2/ Disable any browser extensions, particularly privacy or security ones, as they may interfere with the behavior of the challenge. You can do this by going to the Extensions page (chrome://extensions) in Chrome.
3/ Adjust your browser’s security settings to allow cookies, since some might block cookies, causing the looping effect.
4/ Lastly, make sure the browser is updated to the current version.
5/ Check if you are using any VPN or Proxy.

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