After expired my domain this domain is automatically removed in Cloudflare

Hi there!

i have facing this issue my domain is removed in Cloudflare after my domain is expired

Is this option in Cloudflare? or this is my issue which i face??

anyone know about this so please guide me


Can you share the name of the domain @furqanpn? Typically, what happens when your domain expires at your registrar they revert the nameservers back to before cloudflare, we detect that and send you a notice alerting you of the change (check spam) telling you we will remove the site in one week now that the nameservers have changed, we send a similar note 7 days later and then remove the site. The fix is to renew your domain, re-add to cloudflare and change the nameservers back. Sorry for the issues.

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thanks for the reply…

so domain automatically removed when domain has been expired is this right?

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Seems like that is what happened, but if you can share the name of the domain I can verify.

no no i have no issue to share the domain name because i’m not using this domain i just ask because i need to know this is the cloudflare automatically system to remove domain when domain is expired

thank you for the helping me

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Cloudflare will automatically remove domains that are no longer active, such as when the nameservers are changed, or the registration expires. You will receive multiple warnings before the detection happens.

You can confirm that it was deleted by checking the audit logs, instructions are here:


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