After enabling HTTPS getting error and SSL Labs can't connect either


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I’ve just configured my website with CloudFlare with HTTPS enabled.
Upon visiting it with the browser I get the infamous ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error, so I’ve made a DNS entry (say “test”) to have status “DNS and HTTP proxy” enabled and disabled it for the rest. Then I’ve tested that hostname/website with SSL Labs’ SSL Server Test and get the following result: Failed to communicate with the secure server
f I run this test on the actual website, it gets an A+ score.
So I think there’s something wrong on the side of CloudFlare. See below for my Crypto configuration (the domain specific certificates are SHA 2 ECDSA):

Seems that this is a different issue than others reported before? Please advise.



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The failed test result:


The question was what the domain is.


Never mind, the problem was a second level of subdomains, found it in support. :blush:
I was unable to answer before due to my account being automatically put on hold. :thinking:
Thanks for your time. :bowing_man:

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