After enabling Cloudflare - unable to login to website application

We have been using Cloudflare for many years on a number of our client sites and all had mostly been running smoothly. A while ago, we started to get reports from many users that they were unable to login into the admin side of their site and customers (these are E-Commerce websites) could not login into their accounts. Disabling Cloudflare immediately restores the expected behaviour so it appears to be something or some setting within Cloudflare that is causing this but dont have any idea what it could be. This is not just an isolated case with one site but a large number so almost all websites within our company account have to be disabled.

Any ideas or things to try please ?

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Are you able to reproduce these problems yourself? Is it a public E-Commerce application you can share the name of? Is there anything in the WAF logs on Cloudflare’s end or in the browser console on the users end?

Make sure Speed > Optimization features features like Rocket Loader and possibly Auto Minify are disabled. Try the application with as many optimization settings as you can find disabled.


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