After enabling cloudflare then what? Am i done?

Hi, about 5 days ago i switched my DNS to Cloudflare DNS and i got a green check in the dashboard.

But now what? I see a bunch of tabs. Are they already set up and optimized? or can someone suggest some settings?

Im hosted in USA, but plan to get visitors from all over the world.

You’re off to a great start! Anything beyond the default settings is fine-tuning for your particular setup.

Give it some time to mentally soak in. Later on, you might want to explore the settings in the dashboard. As you do it, go ahead and click on “Help” in the various settings to see what they do.

If you’re not already using HTTPS, here’s a good tutorial on how to get it going at Cloudflare:

yeah im already using HTTS. I was here looking for the custom tweak settings :slight_smile:
or are they different for every website?

They’re different for every website. If you’re running a particular app, like WordPress, you can do a forum search for that app and see what people are doing with it.

It depends. Any DNS entries with a :orange: are already being optimized by Cloudflare. :grey: isn’t. Every environment is different, so it’s hard to tell you what you need exactly, but there is generally some tuning that isn’t required, but usually can net better results.

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