After edge certificate with cloudflare my domain stopped working

My hosting address is still working, and my domain was working fine. So although I’m not sure I assume it could be because of Cloudflare’s certificate and DNS…

Since I am a newbie, do you see any problem here? thanks!

Your origin is returning a 404 err. That’s somethign you’ll need to look into on the origin server. You can try pausing Cloudflare until you resolve the error.

Thanks, I see… but my origin works, are you sure?

Quite sure:

curl -kv --resolve

Perhaps your virtual server is not correctly configured to map the URL you are using to test and the actual hostname you are trying to forward to the server. The curl command above forces the connection to that origin using your domain name and you’ll see it returns the same error page.

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I have listened to you, and I have gone to my hosting. Curiously, I had already added my domain name beforehand. But now I had to do it again and I got the following error:

Here is the configuration of my domain:

My cloudflare configuration

Since I am very lost in these matters. Could you point out to me if you see any incorrect ones? Sorry if it is too basic, thanks and best regards.

update: I have deactivated the Cloudflare proxy, what are the consequences? I’ll wait a day to see if it works…

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