After do the payment and redirect to my website, the browser shows a blank page and doesn't run the code

Hi everyone,

My website has a credit card payment system, the client redirect outside and do the credit card payment, and then the bank redirect back to my website.

When I enable the cloudflare, after the bank redirect to my website, the browser shows a blank page and the link of the browser’s url bar doesn’t change to my website.

Sometimes everything works as usual(especially in the midnight), the bank redirect back to may website and run the code of my webpage; but 99% of the time the problem happens.

I check my https/access.log, the bank do successfully redirect back to my website, but doesn’t run any code of the page.

When I enable the “Development Mode”, it doesn’t help.

Only when I “Disable Cloudflare on Site” will work.

I’ve check the Firewall Events logs, there is no block of the bank, only regular Rate limiting attacks.

Are there any settings that might cause the problem? Are there any logs on the cloudflare can help me to check? Does anyone has the same issue and how do you solve it?

Thank you!

Make sure you also check your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) for Console or Network error messages.

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