After deleting wrong DNS record, they appear back in 24 hours

Hello, I have deleted several times wrong DNS records, and within 24 hours, they appear again. The website is “working,” but I am unable to access it due to it to my admin panel. How can I fix that?

Have you by any chance given a third party like e.g. Ezoic access to your Cloudflare account?

Check the Audit Log page, to figure out who/what is making the changes:


I don’t see ezoic there… But it is true, I am working with ezoic.

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You won’t see Ezoic in the logs. You will see the token that you gave them.

The important thing when using integration with Ezoic is to only change your DNS in the Ezoic dashboard. It becomes the authoritative data source and will override any changes you make directly in Cloudflare.


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